Welcome to Prohibition Spirits. We are the spirited side of Wine Country and home of Sonoma’s first and only micro-distillery since prohibition.  We handcraft wine country inspired and influenced spirits like Hooker’s House Bourbon, Hooker’s House Rye, General’s 21 year-old Reserve and Private’s Select White Corn Whiskey.  Our Whiskeys are locally double-barrel aged and finished in neutral wine barrels.  We are rolling out “Sugar Daddy” Light, Amber and Dark rums for the Holidays.  We have sourced fabulous Caribbean rums and aged them locally in wine and our old Bourbon barrels.  Our early landing rums and wine barrel finished Whiskeys offer a unique alternative to wine country. 
Thanks to California's new tasting law you can now Visit our Sonoma Distillery to experience it all!

 The inspiration…

Hooker’s House Whiskeys honor the infamous General Joseph Hooker, a Civil War Veteran, Sonoma resident, lady’s man and whiskey aficionado. The bold and spicy character of our Whiskeys is matched by the General’s sometimes outrageous and overindulging lifestyle. General Hooker Lives on in Hooker’s House Bourbon, Rye, Reserve & Privates Select Whiskeys.

Sugar Daddy Rums honors the original  Sugar Daddy,  Adolf Spreckels, a sugar baron, industrial tycoon, Sonoma resident and the original Sugar Daddy.  The older sugar baron married the beautiful Alma May who was more than half his age and was quickly propelled into the wealth elite of San Francisco socialites.  She was heard calling out for her “Sugar Daddy” at their Sonoma mansion while roaming their estate with a cocktail in hand. We have scoured the Caribbean in search of exciting sugar cane rums that would meet the Sugar Barons exquisite taste.

Solano Vodka
is handcrafted in the Sonoma Valley tradition as a tribute to Mission Solano. The location for Mission San Francisco Solano was chosen for its pure water, warm weather and fertile volcanic soil which were ideal for growing the grain needed to support this northern most outpost.  It is from these same grains and spiritual waters that Solano Vodka is produced.  Organic Wheat, Sonoma spring water and a one of a kind terroir filtration system are combined in our Sonoma Distillery to produce Solano Vodka.

Solano Vodka is distilled four times from Organic wheat and is certified GMO free, Gluten free and Allergen free. We use mineral rich Sonoma Spring water after distillation for a clean taste and smooth mouth feel.  We developed what we believe is the first terroir filtration system.  We collected volcanic rocks from the Mayacamas Mountains, broke them into course pieces, super-heated them and made a one of a kind filter.  The vodka flows through the system and over the porous rocks over a period of several days to improve subtle flavors and minerality.

Read more about the history, culture and passion that goes into every bottle we produce.

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The “Spirited” side of Wine Country

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Distillery Experiences: Tour, Taste & Discover  

Tour our boutique micro distillery and learn about the mysterious and creative aspects of fermenting, distilling and ageing fine spirits. Our up close and personal tour with the distiller will give you insight and understanding of the distilling process and what goes into every dram of handcrafted spirit.  On most days you will see a brandy, grappa or eau di vie flowing from our custom made artisanal still or observe our hands-on production operation.  Think Willy Wonka meets Jules Verne.

Taste our award winning, small batch, hand crafted artisanal Spirits right at the source, our Distillery. Our tasting bar and Indigenous Spirits Lab is an intimate location to explore the aromas, flavors, textures and feelings of our craft spirits.  Whether you are a novice or aficionado, we will guide you through an insightful tasting to help you better appreciate and understand artisanal spirits. Our daily selection of handcrafted spirits changes based on what we are distilling. Some of our products are seasonal or small batches that are only experienced and sold at the distillery. 

 Discover something spirited in the Heart of Sonoma Valley.  We offer a unique wine country experience for groups of all sizes from educational tours and tastings to hands-on team building workshops and private events.  Discover what separates our wine country inspired craft spirits from the mass produced brands in Sonoma’s first and only operating distillery since Prohibition. 

Visit Our Distillery is located in the heart of Sonoma Valley at 21877 8th Street East, Sonoma CA 95476.  We are minutes away from the historic plaza, fabulous hotels and restaurants and not to mention hundreds of amazing wineries.   

 To make the most of your experience and time, please schedule an Appointment.  For questions?  info@hellosonoma.com or 707.721.6390

Fundamentals of Craft Spirits 30-45 minutes $20ppWant to learn more? We can customize a private experience to exceed your expectations
Sonoma-Style Artisanal spirits

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The Spirited Side of Wine Country